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You can trust Nextel as a partner close to you with every step.

Nextel takes care of the entire process for a high quality digital telecommunications infrastructure construction.

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From analysis and design to construction, installation, maintenance and management. Our ultimate goal? Optimal connectivity to the most distant client.


We offer fully integrated services that help reduce costs, implementation time and environmental impact.


We never compromise on quality!


Our international experience allows us to start a work anywhere in the world in the shortest time


We focus on our clients needs offering intelligent and flexible solutions to the most specific projects


We respect the highest standards of health and safety at work

Although technology is always the basis of our activity, we focus on the end user. We work with the creativity of an innovator and the realism of a builder.

Our ultimate goal? Total connectivity for everyone, always and everywhere.




Quality Management: SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 / ISO 9001: 2015

Information Security Management System SR ISO / CEI 27001: 2018 / ISO / IEC 27001: 2013

Environmental Management: SR EN ISO 14001: 2015 / ISO 14001: 2015

Occupational Health and Safety: SR OHSAS 18001: 2008 / OHSAS 18001: 2007

Social responsibility – RS-8000




With 15 years experience in optical fiber infrastructure installation, this type of work has no secrets for us anymore.

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Such infrastructure includes civil works (trenches, pipes and microducts, different penetrations, cabinets and posts, if necessary), optical fiber cables, splicing and testing, installation of WiFi spots, if necessary, active data transmission equipment and other related works.


Typically, the execution works are carried out in parallel with the development of other utilities / infrastructure works to optimize the costs.


Our technicians and engineers in the field of telecommunications networks cover the entire process of installing fiber optic cables. Our installers are telecommunications technicians with many years of professional experience in installing the fiber optic infrastructure.


The operating phase of the fiber optic infrastructure is important for the provision of the highest quality services to the customer, including the maintenance phase of the fiber optic network.




Mobile networks need to be available both outdoors and indoors, and we know how to do it well.

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Mobile telephone networks must be available both indoors and outdoors, in office buildings, tunnels, railway or subway stations, airports, shopping centers, construction sites, etc. For all these situations, customized and optimized interior radiant systems are required for each type of building or space.


The high quality details and a detailed project planning will ensure an optimal interior coverage and the best possible integration with the external network.


At Nextel we have the necessary expertise in all types of radio technology to provide you with an indoor radio coverage solution that fully meets your requirements:


– active or passive distributed antenna systems

– small cell technology

– Pico base stations


The stages of indoor coverage projects



   – technical site visit

   – development of the technical solution

   – validation of the technical solution by the client




– the passive infrastructure implementation

– the equipment installation and commissioning

– testing

– documentation of the as-build project and installation specifications




    Corrective, preventive and continuous maintenance



Demonstrated experience for dozens of national

and international projects

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Nextel offers complete installation, commissioning, integration and decommissioning services of 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks, WiMAX and other wireless technologies.


Having a great local and international projects experience, Nextel specialists can complete any complex project at any scale. Our skills in coordinating site access, logistics, workflow management and the technically qualified teams can ensure the project implementation in the shortest time.


Nextel has trained many engineers and technicians teams in the telecommunications field and civil works to provide a wide range of services:


– Planning

– Spectrum analysis

– Installation of telecommunications equipment

– Commissioning and integration

– Live Swap Equipment

– Testing

– Drive test

– Optimization




     Project management

     Wireless network optimization infrastructure

     RAN Network Planning and Design – Installation and commissioning

     2G / 3G GSM Network Rollout

     Microwave links installation

     RF equipment commissioning, decommissioning and swap

     Optical fiber installation




Want to know what microwaves services we offer?

Nextel teams have all the necessary skills to perform the installation, testing, integration and configuration services of radiant and microwave systems. The support services include network optimization and service quality improvement, as well as quick response in equipment delivery and defect remediation, while keeping customers connected.



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